Sleeve Bearings

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Sleeve bearings offer several advantages, including lower cost, less maintenance, greatly reduce noise at low speeds and easier installation. Sleeve bearing performance is also marked by a higher load capacity, especially shock load resistance due to their greater contact zone. Sleeve bearings with a conformal liner compensate for misalignment issues and vibration damping, these one-piece design low-friction bearings reduce housing dimensions and weight by having a thin wall section.Sleeve bearings (sometimes called bushings, journal bearings or plain bearings) facilitate linear movement between two parts. Sleeve bearings consist of a metal, plastic or fiber-reinforced composite sleeves that reduce vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving parts using a sliding motion.

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM6468-064 Sleeve Bearings

130 mm 44.3 mm
200 °C 14.5 mm

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM6068-064 Sleeve Bearings

Shield Grip Tight Ball Bear
Std Retainer Round

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM6064-064 Sleeve Bearings

M6x1 62
FC203N- 9.55 kN

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM6068-032 Sleeve Bearings

40 mm 120 °C
7,500 rpm 1.9

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB 044 DU 040 Sleeve Bearings

126.5 mm 94.5 mm
UC203G2T04 11mm

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM5664-032 Sleeve Bearings

58 mm UK208G2H
29 mm 49.2 mm

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB GM5660-064 Sleeve Bearings

200 °C R1/8"
61.4 mm 27.8 mm

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB 034 DU 048 Sleeve Bearings

34.92 mm 12 mm
200 °C 103 mm

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB 030DXR036 Sleeve Bearings

22 mm 11 mm
30.2 mm 100 °C

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB 032DXR024 Sleeve Bearings

24,000 rpm 2 kN
NTN 0.42 Hz

GARLOCK BEARINGS GGB 030DXR032 Sleeve Bearings

2,100 Volume_cmc 116 mm
45 mm 175 mm